Q2C Zipper Opening

Zipper Front Opening & Quick Release Hanger.

Qwik2Conceal zipper front openings provide ample access to get to your assets quickly.  The Zipper comes with (2) Zipper pulls which come together in a half circle opening for adding a Lock if needed.

Our quick release hanger which pivots 360 degrees and is removable when not needed. Also can be used as a back of door hanger.

Right Hand & Left Hand Models.

Qwik2Conceal cases are available for right and left draw hands. When seconds count, you need quick access to your pistol, so be sure to place your chosen model correctly. For example, when hanging your Q2C case in the closet, right draw models should be placed on the left side, while left draw models should be placed on the right. In this manner, you keep the barrel of the pistol pointed away from you. Right draw, left draw, or both, get your Qwik2Conceal pistol case today.