Pistol Case

From: $49.95


Available Colors: Black, Gray, Tan

Qwik2Conceal cases come with a Zipper opening on the front facing side, marked with our logo, where the pistol can be reached quickly for personal defense. Pistol cavity is made for over 50 different styles of pistols and will have a right-hand and a left-hand model. Available option includes a TSA approved combination lock.



Length: 17.25″
Width: 11.5″
Height: 2.25″
Shipping Weight: 3 lbs.

Cover Material:

  • 600 Denier Poly/Nylon with a Urethane Coating.
  • 600D Fabrics are heavier, stronger, sturdier, and more durable than
    300D fabrics.
  • Available colors: Black, Gray, Tan.

Interior Plastic-Foam:

  • The plastic is ¼” Corrugated Black Polypropylene.
  • Durable for Long-term use.
  • Resists dirt, grease and water.
  • Mil Grade chemical resistant.
  • 2# Ethafoam® Synergy® fine cell Polyethylene (impervious to water, oils and most chemicals).

Made in the USA.